Powering Morning Brew's newsletter referral program with custom swag

Morning Brew, a daily business newsletter company, faced the challenge of managing and expanding their custom merchandise program to keep up with their rapidly growing audience. To overcome this challenge, Morning Brew partnered with Stitchi, the experts in high-quality custom merchandise, merch programs, and promotional products. Together, they not only enhanced the existing merch program but also implemented innovative solutions to streamline distribution and create a seamless experience for their readers.

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Morning Brew Referral Program Giveaway

We shipped over 8,000 pairs of Morning Brew joggers to our loyal readers, resulting in over 75,000 new subscribers. This was our largest growth campaign to date and we love seeing pictures of our readers wearing their MB joggers on social media.

Jenny Rothenberg
Director of Growth

Key Collaboration Elements

Seamless Integration with Shopify

Stitchi integrated Morning Brew's existing merch program with Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform. This enabled a smooth and efficient transition, while also providing the foundation for the improved merch program. Through this integration, Stitchi was able to manage the inventory, order processing, and shipping of Morning Brew's merchandise, allowing the newsletter company to focus on their core business.

Dynamic Email Sequences

To facilitate the distribution of merchandise completely hands-free for Morning Brew, Stitchi developed dynamic email sequences that were triggered by specific actions or events. These emails included personalized offers, promotional codes, and reminders to readers. This automated approach helped drive engagement, increase conversions, and ultimately boost Morning Brew's brand awareness.

Ideation and Collaboration

Morning Brew and Stitchi worked closely together to develop creative and engaging ideas for the merchandise program. This collaborative approach ensured that the program was aligned with Morning Brew's brand identity, target audience, and marketing objectives. The partnership resulted in a range of unique and eye-catching promotional products that resonated with Morning Brew's readers.

Execution and Fulfillment

Stitchi took charge of the integration and fulfillment aspects of the partnership, leveraging their expertise in custom merchandise and merch programs. This included the production, warehousing, and shipping of Morning Brew's promotional products. Stitchi's efficient fulfillment process ensured that Morning Brew's readers received their merchandise promptly and in perfect condition.


The partnership between Morning Brew and Stitchi proved to be highly successful, as it not only enhanced the existing merchandise program but also streamlined the entire process. The seamless integration with Shopify, dynamic email sequences, and collaborative approach resulted in a highly effective merch program that increased engagement, conversions, and brand awareness for Morning Brew.