Where to Buy Blank Hoodies? Top-3 Platforms | Pros & Cons

Medha Mehta

Medha Mehta

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If you are looking for blank hoodies to get your brand name or custom design imprinted, you have reached the right article. In this article we have covered where to buy blank hoodies, the price ranges, how to avail of bulk discounts, and the most common types of blank hoodies. So without any further delay, let’s begin. 

Where to Buy Blank Hoodies?

The top three places to buy plain hoodies are Stitchi, Swag.com, and Printify. They sell high-quality hoodies, have a wide plain hoodie collection, and provide custom printing services. These platforms also handle storage, packing, and distribution, if you want to send the hoodies to separate recipient locations. Check out the pros and cons of each platform to decide where you want to buy the bulk blank hoodies. 


Stitchi is a fast-growing startup that has disrupted the entire merchandise market with its large collection of plain merch, lowest price range, and quick support. It provides machine printing and embroidery services for the custom printing of blank hoodies. Stitchi emphasizes sustainable and eco-friendly swags. 80% of Stitchi’s catalog items are made in the USA and are of high quality. 

If you are thinking about where to buy plain hoodies, consider these pros and cons before ordering from Stitchi.co.


  1. No set-up charges. 

  2. Blank Hoodie prices start from as low as $8. Check this out: A collection of plain hoodies under $20

  3. An exclusive collection of luxury hoodies and heavyweight hoodies ( $50 to $260)- perfect for corporate gifting. 

  4. Printing + shipping time is 12 days, which is the fastest in the industry. 

  5. A thriving startup spirit that treats each client highly valuable and goes above and beyond to fulfill their swag requirements. 


  1. No experience in global deliveries. Limited to only US-based orders. 

  2. No print-in-demand facility, i.e. they don’t print individual pieces. The minimum order size is 24. 

  3. Need to create an account (login) in order to send the customization request and see the final quote. 


Swag.com is one of the biggest players in the custom merchandising industry. It was founded in 2016. Just like Stitchi and Printify, Swag.com also offers an extensive range of blank hoodies that are perfect for screen printing, embroidery, or any other form of branding. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of ordering blank hoodies from swag.com. 


  1. Live chat support is available. 

  2. A large variety of plain hoodies belonging to 25 brands. 

  3. Great UX i.e. you can upload the logo, and select the quality upfront, without creating an account. 

  4. Corporate swag boxes are available. 


  1. Setup fees of $50, irrespective of order size. 

  2. 2X more expensive than other platforms. 

  3. No plain hoodie is available for under $20. High rates are not suitable for giveaway hoodies or where you’re selling the hoodies as it will reduce the profit margins. 

  4. The minimum order quantity is 24 and no print-on-demand facility is available. 

  5. The average delivery time is 18 business days. 


Printify is a leading print-on-demand platform for buying blank sweatshirts and hoodies. It lets you order a single piece of merch, without having a minimum order quantity. It is the best platform for resellers or creators and has a fluctuating demand. You can place the order only when you receive the order. Hence, it requires no investment on your end. Here are some pros and cons of Printify.


  • Convenient platforms for new resellers and creators that have fluctuating merch demands. 

  • No need to make investments and hold the inventory. 

  • Easy UX. It lets you create sample designs on black hoodies without logging in. 

  • Transparent pricing. 


  • It is not an ideal platform for bulk orders. It is expensive and no wholesale discount is available. 

  • There are multiple vendors available selling and printing the same blank hoodie. You must do in-depth research while choosing the right supplier. 

  • The shipping rates, production time, sizing, and country of origin vary per the supplier.

Key Takeaway

We hope this article helped you to decide where to buy blank hoodies and sweatshirts. Here are the concluding points you should consider before deciding on your ideal merchandise partner.

  • If you’re planning to order blank hoodies in bulk, consider Stitchi and swag.com. 

  • For corporate gifting in swag boxes, swag.com is a preferred platform.

  • To order giveaway wholesale hoodies and sweatshirts for events, tradeshows, and conferences, consider Stitchi, as it is 2X cheaper than other platforms. 

  • For print-on-demand hoodies with fluctuating demands, consider Printify.

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