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Medha Mehta

Medha Mehta

Panera bread fundraiser, panera fundraising

What is Panera Bread Fundraiser?

Panera Fundraising is a program where Panera Bread donates 20% to 25% of the net sales generated during a fundraising event organized at any Panera Bread's participating bakery-cafe.

Basic rules

  • Your selected non-profit must be a tax-exempt, 501C3 organization.

  • The % share for the donation will depend upon the participating Panera franchise.

  • There is a $100 to $150 minimum total sales value per fundraising event.

  • Panera Bread Fundraising event can be organized once every month.

  • Gift card purchases, catering orders, and orders placed on third-party delivery sites are excluded and will not count toward the total net sales.

Extra fundraising opportunity: You can also arrange some other activities at the Panera Fundraising event to raise more funds. For example, order custom high-quality merchandise (like hoodies, t-shirts, totes, socks, etc.) from at a lower cost, sell it in the event at a higher price, and donate the difference amount (i.e. profit) to your preferred non-profit organization. will print your non-profit's name/logo, tagline, quotes, or any custom design for free on the merchandise.

How Does Panera Fundraising Work? Participation Steps

Step 1. Registration

·   Register your fundraising event by filling out this form.

·   You will be asked to provide your Zip code first.

·   Then, a list of participating Panera bakery-cafes in your area will appear for you to choose your preferred outlet.

·   Read the minimum order value, % of sales share, and other rules carefully.

·   Select the preferred date and time from their availability calendar.

·   Create an account using your email address.

Step 2. Decision Making

You'll be asked for additional details about the non-profit for which you're organizing this event. Please ensure you have a completed W9 to upload with your submission. Panera's team will review your request and respond within 10 business days.

Step 3. Marketing and Promotion

Once Panera's team has approved your fundraising event, you can start marketing for it online and offline to increase the number of guests. Panera Bread will provide the flyers' designs along with event codes that you can print to distribute. Feel free to share digital copies online on social media and WhatsApp.

Caution: The Panera Bread fundraising offer will be void if the flyer is distributed in or near the participating bakery-cafe on the day/night of the event.

Step 4. Options for Fundraising Event Day

Option 1: Take your guests to the pre-decided Panera Bread Cafe at the event time. Ask them to place their regular order and show the fundraising event's flyer (physical flyer or digital flyer on mobile) at the time of billing.

You may also arrange some entertaining games and activities for your group in the fundraising event to add more spice.

Plus, you can organize an auction or sell custom merchandise to raise some extra funds.

Make sure you get prior permission from the Panera franchise manager/owner for doing so.

Option 2: If it's not possible for you to be present at the event, you can simply ask your participants to visit the selected Panera Bread outlet and order their favorite food during the event timeframe. As soon as they show your Panera fundraising flyer to the cashier, their bill amount will count towards the total net sales from your designated fundraising event.

Option 3: If the guest cannot be present in-person during the event, they can also order online from Panera's website (NOT the third-party food delivery app like UberEats), and during checkout, enter the event code to participate in this fundraiser event.

Option 4: Organize the fundraising event at your home, office, open garden, or any other place convenient to your guests. Either you order food from Panera or let your guests order it themselves at the event. Enter the promo code found on the flyer before electronic payment. It is valid for all types of order, i.e.

·   In Cafe

·   Drive-Thru

·   Pick-Up

·   Delivery

Caution: Only regular orders will count towards the total net sales, NOT the catering orders.

Step 5. Donation Contribution

 Panera's team will review the results of your fundraising event within 7 business days of the event. A check for the contribution amount (20% to 25% of the total sales value during the event) will be mailed to the mailing address on file and will arrive within 45 business days.

Event Cancelation

Panera Fundraising events may be cancelled without notice due following reasons.

·   abuse,

·   error,

·   fraud,

·   computer error,

·   electronic or technical malfunctions, or

·   other unforeseen or unintended circumstances.

For more information, check out the Panera fundraising FAQs section.

Benefits of Panera Bread Fundraiser

Panera Bread fundraising offers several advantages

Delicious Incentive

Unlike traditional boring fundraisers, Panera Bread fundraising allows supporters to enjoy a meal while contributing to a cause. The appeal of freshly baked bread, sandwiches, and salads can draw a larger crowd.

Minimal Effort

Organizations can benefit from Panera Bread's existing customer base, reducing the need for extensive marketing and sales efforts.

Community Engagement

Panera Bread fundraising events often foster a sense of community, as people come together to support a shared cause while enjoying a meal in a friendly atmosphere.


Panera Bread fundraising can be adapted to suit the guests’ convenience. They can order in all the ways suitable to their schedule and location.

·   Drive-Thru

·   Pick-Up

·   In Cafe

·   Delivery

Final Words on Panera Fundraising

Panera Bread fundraising is a delicious and community-oriented way to raise funds for various causes. By partnering with Panera Bread, you can turn dining out into a charitable act, creating a win-win scenario that supports local communities and fosters a sense of togetherness. So, consider breaking bread at Panera Bread for a good cause and raise the funds for any tax-exempt, 501C3 non-profit organization that works for the cause you're supporting.


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