New Heights Merchandise: 92%ers and Big Yeti Merch

Medha Mehta

Medha Mehta

New Heights Merchandise 92%ers

The "New Heights" podcast is a popular sports and comedy podcast hosted by the dynamic duo of Jason and Travis Kelce, two NFL superstars. Jason plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, while Travis is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. The podcast offers an insider's look into the NFL, featuring weekly insights on their games, as well as unique perspectives on trending news in the league. With a combination of humor, wit, and in-depth analysis, this podcast has become a must-listen for any football enthusiast. The podcast also has an attractive collection of New Heights Merchandise.

Jason and Travis Kelce post new episodes every Wednesday during the NFL season, so there's always fresh content to enjoy. Here are the links to listen to the New Heights podcast.

New Heights Merchandise

Explore Jason and Travis Kelce’s New Heights merchandise collection from this platform, which includes t-shirts and hoodies featuring “Big Yeti”, “ 92%ers”, “92% of the times”, “rooting for offense”, and “Alright Nah” terms. Sizes range from extra small to 3XL, catering to a wide audience. The collection is designed to appeal to fans of the podcast and those interested in NFL-related content. 

Here are some popular themes for New Heights podcast merch.

1. Big Yeti T-shirts 

Big Yeti is a nickname for Travis Kelce, a popular NFL player and one of the hosts of the "New Heights" podcast. The nickname was given to him during his college days at the University of Cincinnati, where he played football. Travis is known for his big beard, long hair, and chest hair, which earned him the moniker "Big Yeti." He has embraced the nickname and even has a shirt with "Big Yeti" written on it. His brother Jason, also an NFL player, has been spotted wearing the shirt in support of Travis. Now, “Big Yeti” term is included in the official New Heights Merchandise collection and is imprinted on the T-shirts and hoodies. 

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2. 92%ers Merch

In one of their episodes, Jason mentioned that he's right about things 92% of the time. The fans loved this little quip, and now they've adopted the term "92%ers" to refer to themselves. New Heights podcast merch collection has included "92%ers" and “92% of the time” terms on T-shirts and hoodies as a fun way for the fans to connect with the brothers and show their support for the podcast. 

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Conclusion on New Heights Podcast Merchandise

The "New Heights" collection on features merchandise related to the "New Heights" podcast, hosted by NFL professionals Jason and Travis Kelce. The collection includes a variety of apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories, all themed around the podcast. Items feature graphics and slogans related to the show and its hosts. For more detailed information and to view the collection, you can visit Homage's New Heights collection.

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