High Tea Fundraiser Event Tips and Ideas

Medha Mehta

Medha Mehta

Afternoon Tea Fundraiser Ideas and Tips,  afternoon tea fundraiser ideas

Afternoon Tea Fundraiser Ideas and Tips

Fundraising events are a fantastic way to raise money for a cause or organization while bringing people together for a memorable experience. If you're looking for a unique and elegant fundraising idea, consider hosting a high tea fundraiser or afternoon tea fundraiser. High Tea, with its blend of sophistication, delicious treats, and delightful ambiance, can create a memorable event that not only raises funds but also leaves your guests with a lasting impression. In this article, we'll explore some creative high tea fundraiser event ideas to help you plan a successful and enjoyable gathering.

1. Attractive Venue Selection with a Theme-Based High Tea

Choosing the right venue is crucial to setting the tone for your afternoon tea fundraiser event. Consider options like 

  • historical estates, 

  • botanical gardens, or 

  • upscale hotels with beautiful tea rooms. 

The venue should exude charm and sophistication, creating a delightful atmosphere for your guests.

Adding a theme to your high tea fundraiser can make it more appealing and engaging. Some popular themes include

Vintage Tea Party: Transport your guests back in time with vintage decor, classic teapots, and antique tea sets.

Garden Party: Embrace the beauty of nature with floral arrangements, garden-inspired decorations, and outdoor seating if possible.

Cultural Tea: Explore teas from around the world with a multicultural theme. Offer teas and treats from various countries, celebrating diversity.

2. Goodies: Souvenirs, Merchandise, Thank You Gifts

There are three main ways to raise funds for your causes. 1) Ticket selling, 2) Actions 3) Selling souvenirs and Merchandise. 

Create custom branded merchandise (like T-shirts, Totes, bags, socks, hoodies, etc.) where you print custom tea-themed images, designs, and quotes, along with your organization’s logo. Your afternoon tea fundraiser event’s guests can purchase them as souvenirs, with proceeds going towards the fundraiser. Use platforms like Stitchi.co to create and order customized Merchandise at a 25% lower cost. You’ll also get options to choose US-made and sustainable products that are durable and high-quality. 

Thank you gifts: Keep a small budget to offer a thank you gift to show your appreciation. You can imprint your logo or custom design for free and order them in bulk.  Check out the catalog for affordable Thank You gifts.

3. Unique Experiences in the Event 

Provide experiences in your high tea fundraiser event that you’re guests will remember for a long time and would love to attend your future fundraisers as well. Here are some cool suggestions. 

Tea Tasting Stations

Set up tea-tasting stations with a variety of teas for guests to sample. Include both traditional and exotic teas to cater to different tastes. Tea experts or sommeliers can provide insights and make the experience more educational.

Silent Auction and Raffle

Boost your fundraising efforts by including a silent auction and raffle. Ask local businesses to donate items or experiences that can be auctioned off or raffled. This adds excitement to the event and encourages attendees to contribute more.

Best Codes and the Best-Dressed Award

Encourage guests to dress in their finest attire, such as elegant dresses and suits. You can even have a best-dressed contest to add a fun element to the event.


Incorporate interactive elements like tea etiquette lessons, flower-arranging workshops, or a hat-decorating station. These activities not only engage guests but also add value to the event. If your budget permits, consider hiring a classical musician, harpist, or even a small jazz ensemble to play soothing background music. This will enhance the ambiance with live entertainment.

Guest Speakers

Invite influential speakers or representatives from the cause you're supporting to share their stories and inspire attendees. This can help create a deeper emotional connection with your cause.

Photo Booth and Social Media Sharing

Set up a photo booth with props related to tea and the theme. Encourage attendees to share their photos on social media with a dedicated event hashtag, increasing visibility and engagement.

4. Games Ideas for Afternoon Tea Fundraising Events

To add an extra layer of entertainment and camaraderie to these afternoon tea fundraiser events, consider incorporating some fun and interactive games. Here are 10 entertaining games that will keep your guests engaged and create an unforgettable atmosphere.

1. Minute to Win It Challenges

Create a series of quick and quirky challenges inspired by the TV show "Minute to Win It." 

Tasks like 

  • stacking cups, 

  • blowing up balloons, or 

  • moving cookies from your forehead to your mouth using only facial muscles 

can be surprisingly entertaining and competitive for high tea fundraising events. 

Provide them with custom prizes such as hoodies, blankets, and t-shirts with your fundraiser’s logo and quote on it. In this way, the winners will remember your event every time they use this merchandise. 

2. Charades

Charades is a classic party game that never goes out of style. Divide your high tea fundraiser’s guests into teams and take turns acting out words or phrases without speaking while your team guesses what you're miming. You can use charade cards or create your own list of words related to different types of tea, or tea-related phrases.

3. Pictionary

Similar to charades, Pictionary adds an artistic twist to the guessing game. Split your guests into teams and have each team take turns drawing a word or phrase on a whiteboard or paper while their teammates try to guess what it is. The time pressure and creative aspect make Pictionary a hilarious and engaging choice for high-tea fundraiser events.

4. Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a classic game for all ages. Set up a circle of chairs with one less chair than the number of players. Play music and have everyone walk around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone must quickly find a chair to sit in. The player left standing is out, and you remove one chair for the next round. Keep playing until only one person remains.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Create a scavenger hunt with a list of items or clues that your guests need to find around your premises. You can organize this game inside or outside, making it versatile for different party settings. Provide small prizes for the winners to add an extra incentive.

6. Karaoke

Turn your afternoon tea fundraiser into a musical extravaganza with karaoke. Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app, and let your guests take turns singing their favorite songs. Whether it's belting out ballads or tackling rock anthems, karaoke can be both entertaining and hilarious.

7. Lip Sync Battle

If karaoke isn't your guests' cup of tea, consider hosting a lip sync battle instead. Encourage participants to get creative with their performances, costumes, and choreography. Provide props and a stage for added fun, and let the audience vote for their favorite acts.

8. Trivia Quiz

Create a trivia quiz that covers various topics, such as pop culture, history, or the latest news. You can use trivia cards or host a digital trivia game with a smartphone app. Divide your high-tea fundraiser’s guests into teams or play individually and see who knows the most fun facts.

Final Words on High Tea Fundraiser Event 

We hope this article helped you to get some high tea fundraiser ideas to raise more funds while entertaining the guests. Do not forget to clearly communicate your afternoon tea fundraiser's goals and how the funds will be used. Transparency builds trust and encourages more generous donations. After the event, follow up with attendees to express gratitude and provide updates on the impact of their contributions.

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