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Medha Mehta

Medha Mehta

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When we talk about the grand opening ceremony of a business, it is one of the common questions people ask whether they should bring a gift for the entrepreneurs. What can be the right gift beyond the standard flower bouquet and gourmet hampers? In the same way, it is also confusing for business owners to find ideas for the return gifts to the attendees. In this article, we have included seven meaningful gift ideas for the grand opening of business for guests and also excellent return gift ideas in the budget for business owners. So, let’s begin. 

Part 1: Business Grand Opening Gift Ideas For Invitees

Attending a new business opening ceremony with a gift in hand goes beyond mere formality; it's a gesture to show support for the entrepreneurial venture. Your gift should be thoughtful, possibly enhancing the business environment or contributing to its operations. Here are some suggestions.

1. Dry Erase Calendar Whiteboard

A Dry Erase Calendar Whiteboard makes an excellent business grand opening gift because it promotes organization and planning, essential for a successful startup. Its magnetic and reusable nature offers a sustainable and flexible solution for tracking deadlines, meetings, and milestones.

Budget: $40 to $70

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2. Air Purifying Office Plants

Air-purifying office plants are a superb gift for new business openings because they boost health and productivity by cleaning the air, enhance the aesthetics of the workspace, and embody a commitment to environmental sustainability, making the office atmosphere more inviting and pleasant for both employees and visitors.

Budget: $15 to $30

3. A Pack of Customized Sustainable Totes

This is one of the most unique grand opening party gifts to help entrepreneurs in their marketing and branding efforts. Gift new business owners a pack of sustainable custom totes with their business’s logo and name printed on them. Startups can distribute these totes to their employees, customers, and key stakeholders to accelerate their branding and showcase their commitment to sustainability. 

Budget: $150 to $200 (for a pack of 25 totes, including custom printing cost)

4. USB Coffee Mug Warmer

A USB Coffee Cup Heater Mug Warmer is a thoughtful gift for new entrepreneurs, ensuring their coffee or tea remains warm through long working hours, boosting focus and comfort. This practical, user-friendly device conveniently plugs into any USB port, whether it's on a computer, laptop, or even a power bank, eliminating the need for batteries or bulky cords. 

Budget: $6 to $20

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5. Portable Briefcase Workstation

A Portable Briefcase Workstation is one of the superb gifts for a grand opening of a business, as it combines efficient storage and organization with purpose-built compartments for laptops, cables, and documents, ensuring everything stays neatly arranged. It includes a foldable phone stand and a built-in tablet stand that enhances productivity by providing convenient, hands-free access to devices. This gift symbolizes support for the modern entrepreneur's need for flexibility and efficiency, enabling effective work from any location.

Budget: $40

6. Corner Shelves

People often gift business owners something cliche like books but it is challenging for entrepreneurs to find space to keep these books. The Corner Shelves make an excellent gift for a business grand opening, as they optimize unused corner space, providing an elegant solution for organizing and displaying items like plants, books, charges, files, photographs, and electronic devices. The ladder shelf reflects a thoughtful consideration of the business's functionality and style, making it a memorable and practical gift for new entrepreneurs.

Budget: $25 to $45

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7. Office Desk Organizers with Essential stationery 

An Office Desk Organizers and Supplies Set is an ideal gift for a business’s grand opening party, providing essential tools for various office tasks in one comprehensive package. With items like a desk organizer, stapler, clips, scissors, and a phone holder, it ensures a well-equipped workspace from day one. This set not only streamlines organization but also enhances efficiency and productivity, making it a thoughtful and practical choice for any new business.

Budget: $30

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Part 2: Why Businesses Should Give a Token Return Gift to Guests & Gift Ideas

Providing a token return gift to guests who attend the opening ceremony is a thoughtful way to express gratitude for their support and participation. It not only leaves a lasting positive impression but also serves as a marketing strategy, reinforcing the brand’s image and values in the minds of the attendees. These gifts can encourage word-of-mouth promotion, as they remind guests of the business long after the event.

Some great return gift ideas include:

  • Discount Vouchers: Offering a discount on the business’s products or services as a gift can encourage guests to become customers, increasing initial sales and engagement.

  • Sample Products: If applicable, providing a sample of the business’s products allows guests to experience the quality firsthand, potentially leading to future purchases.

  • Branded T-shirts: Gift T-shirts with business logo 

Cost: Pack of 25 T-shirts + custom logo printing

  • T-shirt Style 1 : $275

  • T-shirt Style 2 (100% cotton): $350

  • Eco-friendly Items: Reusable shopping bags, bamboo cutlery sets or plantable seed papers with the company’s branding can promote environmental consciousness while keeping the brand in mind.

  • Souvenirs: keychains, magnets, or coasters with the business name are practical and keep the brand in the guests' daily lives.

  • Customized Chocolates or Cookies: Edible gifts with the company’s logo or in shapes related to the business theme can be a sweet, memorable treat.

  • Handwritten Thank-You Notes: Accompanying gifts with a personalized thank-you note can add a heartfelt touch, making the gesture even more meaningful.

Selecting the right gifts, both for giving to the new business and for returning gifts to guests, demonstrates thoughtfulness, appreciation, and a strong sense of community. It's a powerful way to build and maintain relationships that could be crucial for the business's growth and success.

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