25 Event Merchandise Ideas | Conference Giveaways 2024

Medha Mehta

Medha Mehta

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Let's be honest! We all love receiving those tiny freebies at tradeshows, business conferences, and events. But for the businesses, ordering these business swags is a crucial decision. If you choose an inferior product with bad printing quality, your swag can end up in the garbage bin, you won't get any branding boost, and worst of all, your reputation as a quality-conscious business may be negatively affected. To avoid such errors, take into consideration some unique event merchandise ideas before ordering.

There are three main aspects to consider when deciding on gift ideas for event attendees.

1) Affordability

2) Uniqueness

3) Usefulness.

Your event giveaway gift should be unique to draw attendees’ attention, useful enough to make sure the recipients use it for a long period of time, and yet, it should be in your budget. In this article, we have included 25 such unique branded corporate gifts for events, tradeshows, and conferences and provided you with links to the products to help you make an informed decision quickly. 

Unique Conference Giveaways

Do you want to offer something different to your attendees instead of those cliche pens, stickers, notebooks, and keychains? Are you looking to make your booth stand out with innovative and exclusive giveaways that attendees won't find elsewhere? Then check out our unique event merchandise ideas now!

1. Quikflip 2-in-1 Hero Hoodie Lite Pullover 

Gain a competitive edge at your next event with the Quikflip 2-in-1 Hero Hoodie Lite Pullover, a unique conference giveaway that sets you apart from the crowd. It has the 2-in-1 Functionality i.e. the hoodie can be effortlessly converted into a backpack in just a few seconds, giving you the freedom to adapt to the environment and needs.

2. Russell Athletic Football Belt

Elevate your conference swag with the Russell Athletic 1 1/2 Covered Football Belt, offering a distinctive and practical giveaway option that sets your booth apart. Impress attendees with this unique event swag, giving you an advantage in attracting visitors and leaving a lasting impression.

3. Liberty Bags Clear Fanny Pack

Stand out from the crowd with the Clear Fanny Pack from Liberty Bags, a unique and trendy conference swag item that other participants won't have. 

4. MV Sport Pro Weave Beachcomber Bag

Make a splash at your event with the MV Sport Pro Weave Beachcomber Bag, a unique and stylish event giveaway option that sets your booth apart from the competition. With this exclusive giveaway, you'll attract more visitors and leave a lasting impression on recipients.

5. Liberty Bags Joe 6-Pack Cooler 

The Liberty Bags Joe 6-Pack Cooler is also a unique conference giveaway item that ensures your booth attracts attention. Imprint your brand logo or name on this distinctive event giveaway that attendees won't find elsewhere, giving you an advantage in creating a memorable experience.

6. Doggie Bandana 

Are you participating in any pets related conference or event and looking for a perfect swags for the dog-lover attendees? Treat furry friends with our Doggie Skins USA-Made Doggie Bandana, showcasing American craftsmanship and care. We will seamlessly imprint your brand name and logo on this cust swag for maximum visibility!

Conference Promo Items for Less than $10

Let’s start with the affordable and cool giveaways for conferences and events. These all conference giveaways are available for less than $10 which includes the custom printing service as well. Check them out. 

7. Sportsman Pigment-Dyed Cap:  $3.97

Get ready to impress your conference attendees with our Sportsman Pigment-Dyed Cap, priced at just $3.97, making it an affordable yet stylish giveaway option. Elevate your event with this budget-friendly conference swag, offering both quality and affordability.

8. Q-Tees Tote: $1.2

Looking for a practical and cost-effective conference giveaway? This Q-Tees Non-Woven Gusset Bottom Tote is the perfect choice at only $1.20 each. Available in 9 vibrant colors and made with 80 GSM, non-woven polypropylene, this tote is a perfect event giveaway. 

9. Q-Tees Hemmed Fingertip Towel: $2.06

Enhance your conference experience with our Q-Tees Hemmed Fingertip Towel, priced at $2.06 each, providing both functionality and affordability for event giveaways. Impress attendees with this practical gift idea that won't break the budget.

10. Tultex Poly-Rich V-Neck T-Shirt: $4.43

Stand out at your event with our Tultex Poly-Rich V-Neck T-Shirt, priced affordably at $4.43 each, offering both style and value as a conference giveaway gift. Provide conference attendees with a comfortable and trendy option with your brand name and logo imprinted on it. Available in 10 colors and sizes from XS to 3XL. 

11. Polyester Cinchpack: $2.12

Keep your conference attendees organized and stylish with our Q-Tees Polyester Cinchpack (Drawstring), priced at just $2.12 each, offering affordability and practicality for event giveaways under $5. It has a zippered front pocket for extra usability and is waterproof, made with 100% polyester.

Made in USA Event Giveaways

When it comes to recommanding event merchandise ideas, we love to showcase some of our made in the USA swags that not only support local businesses but also add a touch of patriotism. Here are some cool made-in-USA gifts for conference attendees. 

12. Bayside Long Sleeve T-Shirt  

Proudly made in the USA, our Bayside Long Sleeve T-Shirt ensures quality for your conference giveaways. Impress attendees with American-made conference merchandise that reflects your commitment to excellence.

13. Cap America Beanie 

Keep your conference attendees warm and patriotic with our Cap America USA-Made Patriotic Cuffed Beanie, showcasing American craftsmanship. This attractive conference swag reflects your appreciation for domestic quality.

14. Socco USA-Made Crew Socks

Step up your conference swag game with our Socco USA-Made Crew Socks for Sublimation, crafted with precision in the USA. Provide attendees with top-quality, domestically produced merchandise that stands out at your event.

15. Bayside USA-Made Full Zip Fleece Jacket 

When we talk about event merchandise ideas, how can we forget out cozy and stylish Bayside USA-Made Full Zip Fleece Jacket? It is available in 6 beautiful colors and has Elastic cuffs and two side seam pockets. Imprint your logo with a machine or embroidery for a long-lasting impression. Make a statement at your conference by offering American-made event merchandise that prioritizes both comfort and quality.

Top-selling Gifts for Conference Attendees

These are our top best-selling conference merchandise and event giveaways of all time. At Stitchi, we offer logo imprinting services, too, so you don’t need to look anywhere further. 

16. YP Classics Elite Cap

YP Classics Elite Cap is one of our highest-selling conference merchandise due to its premium quality and customizable design options. This is the perfect gift idea for event attendees seeking top-notch conference merchandise.

17. Tultex Unisex Premium French Terry Hooded Sweatshirt

Our customers always make a lasting impression with this Tultex Unisex Premium French Terry Hooded Sweatshirt, a cozy and stylish conference giveaway. We customize this sweatshirt by imprinting the brand name with embroidery.

18. Tultex Tri-Blend T-Shirt

The Tultex Tri-Blend T-Shirt has also proven to be an ideal gift for event attendees. This trendy, customizable conference merchandise is also very affordable, starting from $6.42.

19. Liberty Bags Collapsible Jersey Foam Can & Bottle Holder

The Liberty Bags Collapsible Jersey Foam Can & Bottle Holder is the ultimate low-cost conference giveaway merchandise that is loved by both, companies and recipients! Made from high-quality foam and featuring a collapsible design, this can & bottle holder is perfect for outdoor events, picnics, and everyday use. With its stylish appearance and functional features, your recipients never want to leave home without it!

20. Unisex Premium Fleece Joggers

This cozy and stylish Tultex Unisex Premium Fleece Jogger is also one of the most sought-after giveaways for event participants. 

High-End Promotional Giveaways for Conferences

These are some of the top high-end promotional gifts for corporate tradeshows and conferences. By investing in these sophisticated and exclusive items, you'll ensure that your brand stands out from the competition and leaves a memorable impact on your target audience. 

21. Faribault Woolen Mills USA-Made Cabin Wool Throw 

Impress corporate buyers with the Faribault Woolen Mills USA-Made Cabin Wool Throw, a luxurious and luxury promotional giveaway that exudes sophistication. Get your logo Imprinted on this premium product to leave a lasting impression on decision-makers.

22. Nautica Stillwater Hooded Windbreaker 

Elevate your brand with the Nautica Stillwater Hooded Windbreaker, a sleek and stylish high-end promotional giveaway perfect for corporate buyers. 

23. Liberty Bags Camo Camping Cooler 

Make a statement with the Liberty Bags Camo Camping Cooler, a rugged and upscale promotional giveaway ideal for corporate event attendees seeking adventure. Imprint your logo on this premium cooler to align your brand with quality and outdoor enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impression on recipients.

24. Liberty Bags The All-Star Chair 

The Liberty Bags The All-Star Chair is a premium and high-end promotional event giveaway designed for corporate decision-makers who value comfort and style. 

25. Oakley 30L Enduro 20 Backpack 

Wow your corporate buyers with the Oakley 30L Enduro 20 Backpack, a high-performance conference giveaway perfect for professionals on the go. Embed your logo on this top-of-the-line backpack to showcase your brand's quality and innovation.

Final Words on Unique Event Merchandise Ideas

We hope this article has helped you to find the right corporate merchandise and event giveaway suitable to your choice, audience type, budget, and branding. We have included corporate swags under $10 for those looking for economical conference swags, high-end promotional giveaways if your attendees are the corporate decision-makers, and US-made corporate merchandise if you’re representing an industry or audience where locally-made giveaways are going to give you an additional advantage.

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