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Medha Mehta

Medha Mehta

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How Stitchi Boosts ROI on Celebrity Merchandise Selling: 5 Savings Hacks

If you are a celebrity and have a fanbase to monetize by selling custom merchandise, you have arrived at the right place. Stitchi is the best celebrity merchandise platform that helps people to achieve the highest ROI in the merchandise business. If you are a content creator, gamer, Youtuber, influencer, athlete, actor, musician, or life coach, here are the five points you must consider before choosing a partner for selling your celebrity merchandise. 

Key takeaways

  • 2X lower price of the high-quality merchandise

  • Free frontside customization with unlimited color print

  • Free storage, warehousing, packing, and dispatch service

  • Shipping directly to fans’ addresses at $5.99 per US address, which is the lowest in the industry

  • Free support for the celebrity merchandise store setup, product uploads, and other technical  aspects

  • Free professional designer assistance in the merch design creation process

Check out the below unmatched five ways to understand how Stitchi helps you to achieve the maximum ROI on merch selling.

1. Low Product Cost = High Profitability

Stitchi is the best celebrity merchandise platform because it offers customizable products at almost 2X lower rates than the market price. Stitchi also offers frontside printing with unlimited colors for free. If you’re a celebrity and looking to maximize your ROI in merch selling, choosing a low-cost option is the very first step in the process. 

Merchandise Price comparison: 

A pack of 25 standard short-sleeved t-shirts with customization on the front is priced at $20.21 at, $18.29 on CustomInk, $13.43 on VistaPrint, and $10.29 on Stitchi.

For those selling custom merchandise, even slight variations in cost can greatly impact your profit margins. For instance, if you sell 1,000 t-shirts at $30 each, your profits would amount to $9,790, $11,710, $16,570, and $19,710 from, CustomInk, VistaPrint, and Stitchi, respectively.

Merch PlatformApprox. Profit on 1,000 Merch Selling$9,790

2. High-quality Merchandise, Made-in-USA, and Sustainable Ranges

The low cost doesn’t mean low-quality products. Stitchi sells authentic products of the top brands. It has a special made-in-USA category if your fans are patriotic and support buying local initiatives. Stitchi also offers a Sustainable product category if your fans prefer eco-friendly products. 

We have a wide collection of 10,000+ merchandise on which we imprint the celebrity’s name, quotes, image, logo, tagline, or unique messages. 

These products are made from top-notch materials and are durable, so your fans are going to use the merchandise for years without any hitch. 

3. Free Technical Support for the Store Setup 

One of the biggest challenges of selling celebrity merchandise is the technical complexities. Celebrities ended up paying a huge amount to technical experts to deal with the following questions. 

  • How to set up the online store? 

  • How to upload products? 

  • How to connect the store with the CMS and dispatch the orders? 

  • How to integrate the merchandise with the existing website?

Here is the good news! If you’re ordering merchandise worth $1k+, Stitchi will handle all these technical issues for free. For the smaller orders, Stitchi charges a nominal fee of $199 to set up your store on Shopify, upload the products, connect it with the dispatch center, and link the products to your existing website (if you have a website).

Stitchi will be your go-to technical partner whenever you need any help while selling the merch. 

It means you don’t need to hire a technical expert and pay thousands of $$$ anymore! This is how we maximize your ROI on celebrity merchandise selling. 

4. Savings on Warehousing, Packing and Dispatching

Stitchi stores the celebrity merchandise in their warehouse and dispatches the items as and when you receive the order. This service is absolutely free. You can choose to get the custom merch delivered to your place or let Stitchi handle the storage for you. 

Savings on warehousing: On average, a standard 10'x10' storage unit costs $125 – $175 per month. Plus, you need to hire someone for at least $20 to $25/hour to handle unloading and arrange the merch, pack, and dispatch them to the buyer’s address. You can avoid this entire cost by letting Stitchi handle the storage and fulfillment for free for you. 

Saving on Delivery: Stitchi will deliver your merchandise to fans for $5.99 per U.S. address. The buyer will pay it, not you. This is the lowest shipping cost in the industry for multiple-address shipping services. 

5. Free Professional Designer Assistance

The reason Stitchi is the best celebrity merchandise platform is that it goes above and beyond to help celebrities achieve the maximum ROI on merchandise selling. Along with all the above-mentioned cost-saving facilities, it also offers free designer support. That means a professional designer will work with you to create custom merchandise according to your preferences. Again, this service is 100% free for orders above $1k. 

Reason: Celebrity merch is generally 2X to 4X more expensive than regular apparel. So, you need to make sure those merchandise are attractive and stylish and capture the message. If you’re going to design your own merch, you need to be very vigilant about the size of the logo, placement of the images, color combinations, and adding extra elements like emojis, shapes, and custom elements to the merch. On the other hand, hiring graphic designers and merchandise designers is way too expensive. That’s why Stitchi came up with this unique idea of hiring professional designers to help celebrities in the design process. 

Final Words on Celebrity Merchandise

Selling celebrity merch is very rewarding but equally challenging. You need to juggle multiple tasks like merchandise designing, storage, online store setup, packing, and delivering each merch to the fan’s address as and when you receive the order. But you can reduce this entire burden and have a hands-free experience if you choose the right celebrity merchandise partner like Stitchi. Stitchi helps you in all aspects and does the heavy lifting for you so you concentrate on your awesome creative work. Plus, by outsourcing the merchandise services, you can increase the ROI on the merch selling as most of the services offered by Stitchi are free. For more questions and queries, please reach out to us at

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