Polybagging is a popular and effective packaging solution for promotional products. The process involves wrapping promotional items in a plastic bag, which helps to protect the products during storage, shipping and distribution. By using polybagging, companies can ensure that their promotional products arrive at their intended recipients in pristine condition.

This packaging method is particularly useful for products that are vulnerable to damage, such as pens, key chains, and mugs. The protective plastic bag not only helps to prevent damage but also helps to maintain the quality of the product, ensuring that it will continue to look great long after it has been received.

At Stitchi, we understand the importance of presenting high-quality promotional products to your customers and clients. That's why we offer polybagging as an option for all of our products. Whether you're looking to protect a small promotional item or a larger product, our polybagging service can help you ensure that your products arrive in the best possible condition.

Can polybags be customized?

Polybags can be customized by adding branding elements such as company logos, product information, or marketing messages. Customized polybags can serve as a marketing tool and help to promote a brand while also protecting the product inside. Printing on the plastic bags can be done using various methods such as screen printing, heat transfer, or digital printing, depending on the design and quantity required. Customized polybags can be a cost-effective way to enhance the impact of promotional products and make them more memorable for the recipient.

Are polybags recyclable?

Polybags, also known as polyethylene bags, are commonly made from a type of plastic that is not easily recyclable. While some types of polyethylene bags can be recycled, many are too thin or contaminated with food or other items to be processed by most recycling facilities.

However, there are steps that can be taken to make polybags more environmentally friendly, such as using recycled materials to make the bags, using biodegradable or compostable materials, or reducing the overall use of polybags through more sustainable packaging solutions.

Polybag examples

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