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A bitmap image, also known as a raster image, is a digital image format that represents graphics or images as a collection of pixels arranged in a grid. Each pixel is assigned a specific color value, which determines the overall appearance of the image.

Bitmap images are made up of a grid of small, square pixels, and the resolution of the image is determined by the number of pixels in the grid. The more pixels there are in the grid, the higher the resolution of the image, and the more detailed and sharper the image appears.

One characteristic of bitmap images is that they can become pixelated or appear blurry when they are enlarged beyond their original resolution. This is because the software or device enlarges the existing pixels rather than adding more, resulting in a loss of detail and sharpness.

Bitmap images are widely used for photographs, illustrations, and other types of digital images that require high levels of detail and color accuracy. Common bitmap file formats include JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF.

One advantage of bitmap images is that they can be edited using image editing software, which allows for manipulation of individual pixels, color values, and other aspects of the image. However, bitmap images are not always suitable for all types of designs, such as those that require scaling or vector graphics, as they can result in larger file sizes and may not be easily scalable.

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