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Custom Corporate Awards & Trophies - Personalized Logos

Custom Corporate Awards & Trophies - Personalized Logos

Custom corporate awards are powerful tools for recognizing employee achievements, strengthening brand identity, and fostering a positive workplace culture. By incorporating company logos, colors, and messaging, these personalized awards become meaningful symbols that:

  • Celebrate Success: Honor individual and team accomplishments in a tangible way.

  • Reinforce Branding: Display company branding to promote recognition and pride.

  • Motivate Employees: Inspire hard work and contributions by showing appreciation.

  • Foster Loyalty: Increase employee loyalty and retention by making them feel valued.

  • Shape Company Culture: Create a sense of shared purpose and camaraderie.

Companies can choose from various award types, materials, and customization techniques to create unique awards that perfectly reflect their brand and the significance of the achievement being recognized.

Award Type Materials Customization Options
Acrylic Shatter-resistant acrylic Laser engraving, full-color printing
Crystal Premium crystal Intricate carving, sandblasting
Glass Glass in various shapes and colors Sandblasting, deep etch engraving
Plaques & Perpetual Wood, acrylic, glass, metal Engraving, detachable plates

By investing in personalized recognition, organizations can cultivate a motivated and loyal workforce, driving long-term success and a positive brand image.

Why Custom Awards Matter

Custom corporate awards are powerful tools for companies to recognize achievements, strengthen branding, and cultivate a positive workplace culture. By tailoring awards with the company's logo, colors, and messaging, these personalized items become meaningful symbols that:

  • Celebrate success: Awards honor individual and team accomplishments in a tangible way.

  • Reinforce brand identity: Displaying the company's branding on awards promotes recognition and pride.

  • Motivate employees: Recognizing hard work inspires employees to excel and contribute more.

  • Foster loyalty: Feeling valued through awards increases employee loyalty and retention.

  • Shape company culture: Awards create a sense of shared purpose and camaraderie.

Benefit Description
Branding Promote company identity and values
Employee Motivation Inspire hard work and contributions
Company Culture Build pride, loyalty, and shared purpose
Recognition Honor achievements in a meaningful way
Talent Attraction Appeal to candidates seeking value-driven workplaces

Custom awards serve as powerful motivators, helping companies:

  • Recognize excellence: Celebrate individual and team achievements.

  • Strengthen branding: Reinforce the company's identity and values.

  • Boost morale: Foster a sense of pride and belonging among employees.

  • Retain talent: Show appreciation, increasing employee loyalty.

  • Attract top candidates: Appeal to those seeking value-driven workplaces.

By investing in personalized recognition, organizations can cultivate a motivated and loyal workforce, driving long-term success and a positive brand image.

Award Types for Recognition

Companies can choose from various award types to honor achievements and milestones. Here are some popular options:

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic awards offer a modern look:

  • Shatter-resistant and durable

  • Lightweight yet substantial

  • Suitable for laser engraving or full-color printing

  • Cost-effective for larger quantities

Acrylic awards work well for corporate events, sales recognition, employee appreciation, and more.

Crystal Awards

For a premium feel, crystal awards are an excellent choice:

  • Superior clarity and brilliance

  • Heavier and more substantial than glass

  • Can be intricately carved or sandblasted

  • Ideal for executive recognition, leadership awards, etc.

Crystal awards convey a sense of luxury and are perfect for high-level achievements.

Glass Awards

Glass awards strike a balance between affordability and elegance:

Feature Description
Variety Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors
Combinations Can be combined with other materials like wood or marble
Engraving Suitable for sandblasting or deep etch engraving
Versatility Appropriate for a wide range of corporate recognitions

Glass awards can be tailored to fit any brand or event theme.

Plaques and Perpetual Awards

For long-term recognition, plaques and perpetual awards are a popular option:

  • Plaques can be made from wood, acrylic, glass, or metal

  • Perpetual awards have detachable plates for engraving new names annually

  • Ideal for employee/volunteer of the year, sales achievements, etc.

  • Can be displayed prominently in the office or lobby

These awards provide a lasting tribute to exceptional performance and dedication.

With various materials, designs, and customization options, companies can find the perfect award to honor their employees' accomplishments and reinforce their brand identity.

Personalizing Award Techniques


Personalizing Awards

Companies can add a special touch to corporate awards by personalizing them. There are several techniques used to customize awards:


One popular way to personalize awards is through engraving:

Laser Engraving

A laser beam etches text, logos, or designs onto the award surface. This method works on materials like glass, acrylic, metal, and wood. Laser engraving produces crisp, detailed results and allows for intricate designs.

Sandblast Etching

A high-pressure stream of abrasive particles etches the desired design onto the award surface. This creates a frosted or matte finish with depth and texture. Sandblast etching is often used on glass, crystal, and metal awards for an elegant look.

Diamond Drag Engraving

A diamond-tipped tool scratches the design onto the award surface. This method is commonly used on metal awards and produces a polished, high-contrast engraving.

3D Engraving

3D engraving creates a three-dimensional effect by engraving at varying depths. This can produce stunning visual effects, with text or designs appearing to float within the award material. 3D engraving is often used on crystal or glass awards for a unique and eye-catching result.

Full-Color Printing

For vibrant, full-color designs or images, full-color printing is an option. Specialized printers apply high-quality, durable prints directly onto the award surface. Full-color printing allows for virtually limitless design possibilities, making it ideal for incorporating company logos, photographs, or intricate artwork.

Combination Techniques

Sometimes, multiple personalization techniques are combined to create exceptional awards. For example, a crystal award could feature laser-engraved text combined with a full-color printed logo or image, resulting in a stunning, multi-dimensional design.

By choosing the appropriate personalization technique or combination of techniques, companies can create awards that perfectly reflect their brand identity and the significance of the achievement being recognized.

Top Providers for Custom Corporate Awards

Companies looking for custom awards and trophies have several top providers to choose from. These providers offer a wide range of personalization options and high-quality products. Here are some leading choices:

Successories: Motivational Awards


Successories creates awards that inspire and motivate employees. They offer customizable crystal, glass, and acrylic awards that can feature company logos, messages, and designs through engraving or printing. Successories' awards aim to boost morale and recognize outstanding performance.

Crown Awards: Quality Trophies

Crown Awards

Crown Awards specializes in crafting high-quality trophies and awards for corporate recognition programs. They offer various materials like crystal, glass, acrylic, and metal that can be personalized through laser engraving, sandblasting, or full-color printing. Crown Awards is known for their attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Edco Awards: Eco-Friendly Options

Edco Awards

Edco Awards takes an innovative approach by offering eco-friendly and modern award designs. They use sustainable materials like bamboo and recycled glass, creating unique and environmentally-conscious awards. Edco's designers work closely with clients to develop personalized awards that reflect their brand and values. Premium Offerings is a leading provider of premium custom trophies and awards. They offer a wide selection of elegant crystal, glass, and acrylic awards that can be personalized through various engraving and printing techniques. is known for using high-quality materials and delivering exceptional craftsmanship.

Provider Specialties Materials Customization Options
Successories Motivational awards Crystal, glass, acrylic Engraving, printing
Crown Awards Quality trophies Crystal, glass, acrylic, metal Laser engraving, sandblasting, printing
Edco Awards Eco-friendly, modern designs Bamboo, recycled glass Custom designs, printing Premium trophies Crystal, glass, acrylic Engraving, printing, premium materials

When choosing a provider, consider factors like their product offerings, customization capabilities, material quality, and customer service. Reputable providers can help create unique and meaningful awards that celebrate your company's achievements and values.

Choosing the Right Award

Picking the perfect corporate award is key to making a lasting impact and showing how important an achievement is. Here are some things to think about to make sure you choose the right award:

1. Know the Achievement

Figure out exactly what accomplishment or milestone you're recognizing. Is it for great sales numbers, years of hard work, or a big project? The type of achievement will help you pick an award that shows how meaningful it is.

2. Consider the Person

Think about the recipient's personality, likes, and role at the company. A sleek, modern award may work better for a younger employee, while a more traditional design might suit a long-time executive better. Adding the recipient's name or a custom message can make it more personal.

3. Match the Company Brand

Choose an award that fits your company's brand identity, values, and culture. Think about including your logo, colors, or other branding elements to make a cohesive and recognizable award. This reinforces your brand and shows you put thought into the recognition.

4. Use Quality Materials

The materials used in the award should reflect how big the achievement is. High-quality materials like crystal, glass, or premium metals show prestige and value. More budget-friendly options like acrylic or wood can still be elegant and meaningful for smaller milestones or team recognitions.

5. Look at Customization Options

Explore different ways to customize the award, like engraving, etching, or full-color printing. These let you personalize the award with details, logos, or images, making it truly unique and memorable.

6. Set a Realistic Budget

Decide how much you can spend on the awards and focus on quality over quantity. While cheaper options are tempting, investing in high-quality awards shows you value the recipients.

Consideration Description
Achievement Understand the accomplishment being recognized
Recipient Consider the person's preferences and role
Branding Align with company identity and values
Materials Choose quality materials that reflect the achievement
Customization Personalize with engraving, etching, or printing
Budget Set a realistic budget and prioritize quality

Lasting Impact of Custom Awards

Custom corporate awards leave a lasting impression on employees and the company culture.

Reminder of Achievement

A custom award is a physical reminder of an employee's hard work. Unlike brief praise, this award lasts as a symbol of their value. Each time they see it, they feel pride and motivation for being recognized.

Aligns with Company Values

By including the company's branding and messaging, custom awards show how employees' achievements match the company's core principles. This connection to the brand inspires continued excellence.

Improves Employee Retention

Feeling valued and appreciated helps keep employees. Custom awards show the company's commitment to recognizing top talent. This recognition creates a positive work environment, increasing job satisfaction and reducing turnover.

Benefit Description
Morale Boost Personalized recognition uplifts employee spirits and drive.
Brand Connection Company branding links achievements to core values.
Retention Improvement Feeling valued reduces turnover and builds loyalty.

Custom corporate awards have an impact beyond the ceremony itself. By investing in personalized recognition, companies build a culture of appreciation. This fosters a motivated and engaged workforce that drives long-term success.

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