Arm Sleeve [0200]
Arm Sleeve [0200]Arm Sleeve [0200]
Badger 0200

Arm Sleeve


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Product details

TreatmentMoisture Wicking
LogoVisible Logos
Thickness5-5.9 oz
GenderMens & Unisex

Enhance Your Performance with the Arm Sleeve from Badger

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and performance with Badger's Arm Sleeve, designed to support your athletic endeavors. Whether you're hitting the gym, running on the track, or competing in sports, this arm sleeve offers a compression fit that helps improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. Made with moisture-wicking fabric, it ensures you stay dry and comfortable during intense activities.

  • Moisture-management fabric keeps you dry and comfortable by wicking sweat away from your skin.
  • Flat seam construction and elastic bicep opening ensure a snug fit without discomfort.
  • Full arm stretch compression fit enhances circulation and muscle support during physical activity.
  • Visible Badger heat seal logo adds a touch of style and brand recognition.
  • Socially Conscious Manufacturing: Produced in a Fair Labor Association-accredited facility, promoting responsible labor practices.

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