Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers [31082]
Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers [31082]Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers [31082]Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers [31082]Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers [31082]Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers [31082]Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers [31082]
Alternative 31082

Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers


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Product details

FeatureEco-Friendly, Pockets
FitFitted, Side Seams
TreatmentYarn Dyed, Fabric Washed
ThicknessHeavy (Over 6 oz), 6-6.9 oz
LogoNo Visible Logos

Embrace Comfort and Style with Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers by Alternative

Experience the ultimate blend of comfort, style, and sustainability with the Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers. Crafted with a unique mix of cotton, recycled polyester, and rayon, these joggers offer a soft, eco-friendly option for your wardrobe. The slim fit design and ribbed details provide a modern, flattering look, while the commitment to sustainable and socially conscious manufacturing ensures your fashion choices are responsible. Perfect for cozy days in or stylish outings, these joggers are a versatile addition to any collection.

  • Soft, Sustainable Fabric Blend - Made with 54% cotton, 36% recycled polyester, and 10% rayon for a soft touch and reduced environmental impact.
  • Slim Fit with Ribbed Details - Offers a modern, flattering silhouette with the comfort of ribbed waistband and cuffs.
  • Low-Impact, Eco-Friendly Production - Yarn dyed and fabric washed with a low environmental footprint, supporting sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Convenient Pocket Design - Features two front pork chop pockets and one back pocket for practical, stylish storage.
  • Adjustable Comfort - Natural external drawcord allows for a personalized fit, ensuring comfort and style go hand-in-hand.

Whether you're looking for cozy loungewear or stylish casual wear, the Women’s Eco-Fleece Joggers from Alternative are the perfect choice. Embrace the blend of comfort, style, and sustainability today!

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