Build a merch empire without hiring

Stitchi automates merch fulfillment by storing, packing, and shipping your inventory. We integrate directly with e-commerce platforms and loyalty programs.

Estimate your savings with Stitchi fulfillment.

$1,887.60 /campaign
Why 3rd party logistics?

Scale effortlessly, zero burden

We enable brands to scale their eCommerce and access cutting-edge fulfillment solutions at a completely transparent, industry-low rate.

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  • Fast and reliable

    Your customers deserve speed and accuracy from the business they purchase from. We combine all fulfillment process under a single roof to drive not only value but efficiency.

  • Industry expertise

    Our decades of industry expertise help minimize risk and ensure you deliver a consistent merch experience. We are cable of developing global, end-to-end order management and fulfillment programs.

  • Reduce costs

    Leveraging 3rd party logistics can reduce costs tremendously through bulk shipping discounts, specialized equipment and dedicated support.

Solutions to meet all fulfillment needs.

  • $1 Order Fulfillment

    Store your inventory at one of our fulfillment centers and let us handle the packing, shipping, and returns. Orders fulfilled within 24 hours.

  • $29 eCommerce photography

    Increase sales on your eCommerce store by providing your customers with beautiful, professional product shots.

  • $1/mo per cubic foot inventory storage

    Receive and store merchandise inventory at ultra-low rates. Save months setting up a warehouse or piling up merch in your parents' garage.

  • Free eCommerce integrations

    Our automated fulfillment solutions can integrate with any eCommerce platform. The moment an order is placed, fulfillment begins.

Do more with swag

Swag in 2024 can supercharge your brand through unconventional merch programs, just ask Morning Brew. We specialize in creating completely custom, end-to-end merch programs focused on generating growth and revenue.

“We shipped over 8,000 pairs of Morning Brew joggers to our loyal readers, resulting in over 75,000 new subscribers. This was our largest growth campaign to date, and we love seeing pictures of our readers wearing their MB joggers on social media.”

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Jenny Rothenberg, Director of Growth
Morning Brew Referral Program