Design Process

Create designs people love

Work 1x1 with a designer to create stunning promotional products for your merch campaigns. Receive designs in 1-2 days.


Submit a design request

Describe your design requirements, from single products to entire collections.


Designer does the work

Get paired with an expert designer that specializes in your design style.


Receive expertly crafted design

Your ideas come to life. We'll revise your designs as many times as needed.

Stitchi advantage

Everything you asked for

Custom swag collection

Better designs

Always up-to-date with the latest trends and styles. We combine your brand and campaign objectives to design swag that resonates with your audience.

Save money and time

We provide free (yes, free) designs in less than 24 hours. With a dedicated designer, creating great promotional products has never been easier.

Seamless coordination

Easily share mockups with your team and collaborate on feedback. Once finalized, designs are immediately ready for production.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What types of designs can be made?
A: Our art team can design anything you can imagine (okay, almost anything). We can design any style, including art deco, minimalist, psychedelic, 3-dimensional, and American Kitsch. We have the capabilities to adapt any style to complement and effectively communicate your brand.
Q: Are designs really free?
A: Yes. 100%. Anytime you purchase promotional products from Stitchi we include all design work for free, so you are always delighted with the final product. We always design every product as if it were our own: with innovative designs, attention to detail, and lots of love <3.

Do more with swag

Swag in 2024 can supercharge your brand through unconventional merch programs, just ask Morning Brew. We specialize in creating completely custom, end-to-end merch programs focused on generating growth and revenue.

“We shipped over 8,000 pairs of Morning Brew joggers to our loyal readers, resulting in over 75,000 new subscribers. This was our largest growth campaign to date, and we love seeing pictures of our readers wearing their MB joggers on social media.”

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Jenny Rothenberg, Director of Growth
Morning Brew Referral Program