Promotional Heavyweight Medium Tote Bag [OAD102]

Promotional Heavyweight Medium Tote Bag


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Product details

TagTear Away
Thickness12-12.9 oz

Enhance Your Daily Routine with the Promotional Heavyweight Medium Tote Bag from OAD

Perfect for everyday use, this durable and stylish tote bag is designed to carry all your essentials with ease. Made from 100% cotton canvas, it combines functionality with eco-friendly fashion. Whether you're heading to the office, a festival, or just out for shopping, this tote will be your go-to accessory.

  • Durable 12 oz./lyd 100% cotton canvas ensures long-lasting use and reliability
  • Generous 31" handles with a 12" handle drop provide comfort and ease in carrying
  • Interior zippered pocket keeps your valuables secure
  • Exterior front pocket offers quick access to frequently used items
  • Contributes to a Responsible Mindset as OAD donates to nonprofit organizations, enhancing your purchase with a positive impact

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