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Promotional products can be a big asset to your brand. Learn how the pros use promotional products to increase sales and increase brand awareness.
Cash in on Merch

Student's Guide to Starting A Custom Merch Business

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In this 8-part guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of launching your own custom merchandise venture, from ideation to execution. Learn how to identify your target market, design compelling products, and master the strategies to effectively promote and sell your merchandise, all while juggling your academic responsibilities.

Insurance Account Manager Job Description Templates | 2024

If you’re hiring, use these two latest ready-to-use insurance account manager job description templates to attract top talents. Later on in this article, we have also included a personal lines account manager job description template and how this role differs from insurance account manager. 

Medha Mehta


Channel Incentive Programs: Key Elements and Tools

Let's explore how to build a channel incentive program to motivate and reward channel partners, such as distributors, resellers, dealers, and agents. In this article, we have included key elements and tools that can help you create a robust channel incentive program for your sales team.

Medha Mehta


SWAG Meaning in Business : 7 SWAG Acronyms

SWAG meaning in business: 1. Stuff We All Get 2. Strengths, Weakness, Actions, Growth 3. Sold Without A Guarantee 4. Scientific Wild-Ass Guess. SWAG meaning in slang: 1. A fashionable person with an attitude, 2. Unlawfully and unethically acquired items and 3. Secretly We Are All Gay

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