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Company Logo Shirts Near Me: Design Tips

Company Logo Shirts Near Me: Design Tips

Looking for company logo shirts near me? Here's a quick guide to get you started:

  • Understand Your Brand Identity: Define your brand values, mission, and know your target audience.
  • Choose the Right Color Scheme: Match colors to your brand personality and consider color psychology.
  • Logo Placement Strategies: Explore front, back, and sleeve logo placements to see what works best.
  • Material and Quality Considerations: Opt for high-quality materials that reflect your brand's values.
  • Designing for Different Clothes: Adjust your logo based on the type of clothing item.
  • Incorporating Brand Consistency: Ensure your logo and branding are consistent across all items.
  • Leveraging Design Services: Use online tools or professional services for designing and ordering.
  • Reviewing Customer Success Stories: Learn from others who have successfully branded their apparel.

This guide covers the essentials of designing and ordering custom company logo shirts, focusing on brand identity, color schemes, logo placement, and quality materials to ensure your apparel stands out and promotes your brand effectively.

Defining Your Brand Values

Start by figuring out what your company is all about. What are the big ideas you stand by? What's really important to you and your team? Here are some examples:

  • Being green
  • Supporting the community
  • Top-notch quality
  • Being creative

Your logo clothes should match these ideas. For example, if being green is key, you might want to use materials and ways of making things that don't hurt the planet.

Clarifying Your Brand Mission

Then, think about what your company wants to achieve. How do you want to change things for the better? Showing what you stand for through your logo designs can make your brand stick in people's minds.

For instance, if you're all about making good quality clothes in a fair way, let that show with simple logo looks and smart placement.

Knowing Your Target Audience

Lastly, really get to know the people you're trying to reach. What's important to them? What do they like?

Things like age, where they live, what they're into, and what they dream about can guide you towards logo designs that really speak to them.

For example, if you're aiming for young, stylish professionals, going for modern colors and a sleek look might be a hit.

By really understanding your brand and who you're talking to, you can make company logo items that truly reflect what you're about.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme

Picking the right colors for your company logo shirts is super important. The colors you choose say a lot about your brand and can leave a lasting impression.

Match Colors to Brand Personality

  • Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow are all about energy and fun.
  • Cool colors like blue, green, and purple make people think of trust and calm.
  • Neutral colors like black, white, and gray are about looking clean and simple.

Go for main colors that show off what your brand is all about. You can use extra colors to add some flair. For example, a tech company might use strong blues with a pop of orange to stand out.

Consider Color Psychology

  • Red can make people think of food or act quickly.
  • Blue is calming and makes people feel safe.
  • Green is all about nature and health.

Think about the feelings you want to spark in people who see your logo. A group focused on the environment might choose green to show they care about the planet.

Test Logo Visuals

It's smart to see how your colors look on actual shirts. This way, you can make sure they look good.

  • Really bright colors can be hard to look at.
  • Dark logos might not show up well on dark shirts.
  • Light logos could be hard to see on light shirts.

Try your logo on different shirt colors to make sure it stands out the way you want.

Align with Industry Norms

Look at what colors others in your field use. You can choose something different to stand out, but sticking to common colors can also show you're serious. For example, lots of businesses in finance use blues and grays.

By picking the right colors for your logo shirts, you'll make something that not only looks great but also tells everyone what your brand is all about.

Logo Placement Strategies

Front Logo Placement

Putting your company logo on the front of shirts makes sure people see it easily.

  • Putting it on the chest area makes it noticeable. Logos in the center of the chest are hard to miss.
  • Having your logo on the front shows you're proud of your brand.
  • This works for both relaxed and more formal shirts. It fits into any style.

But, there are some things to think about:

  • If the logo is too big or bright, it might be too much. Keep it simple.
  • You can't show off big designs on the front. There's not a lot of space.
  • You might still need a logo on the back for extra brand showing.

Overall, putting your logo on the front is a good balance. If you do it right, it gets attention without being too much.

Back Logo Placement

Logos on the back are great for bigger items like hoodies or jackets.

Good points:

  • You can use bigger logos or designs.
  • There's room for extra words like slogans.
  • It's seen when worn, but doesn't clash with the front.

But, keep in mind:

  • It's not always seen, depending on how you're standing or what you're doing.
  • If the front doesn't match, it might look out of place.

Back logos are good for adding more about your brand, especially if you started with the front. It lets you be creative without taking over.

Sleeve Logo Placement

Logos on the sleeves are great for being seen from many directions.

Why it's good:

  • You can see it from the front, side, and back. It's always there.
  • You can make it big or small, depending on what you want.
  • It works well with other designs.

Things to think about:

  • Sometimes, arms moving can hide it.
  • There's less space for words than on the back.

Sleeve logos are a smart choice for keeping your brand in mind. They work well with other designs and make sure your logo is always visible.

Material and Quality Considerations

When you're looking to make shirts or other items with your company's logo, the type of material and the quality really matter. At Stitchi, we get this. That's why we pick top-notch fabrics and make sure everything is put together well. This helps your custom shirts and other items not just look good but feel good and last long.

Why High-Quality Matters

The kind of material used for your logo items changes how they look, feel, and hold up over time. Choosing high-quality means:

  • Comfortable fabrics that are nice to wear
  • Bright, even colors that make your logo stand out
  • Strong construction so your items don't wear out fast

This means the stuff you order won't just be useful, but people will actually enjoy wearing or using it. Plus, it keeps your logo looking sharp for a long time, helping your brand stay visible.

Picking materials that are good for the environment also shows you care about more than just business.

Stitchi's Dedication to Quality

With Stitchi, you can be sure you're getting items that are made well and are kind to the planet.

We choose materials carefully, leaning towards natural fabrics like organic cotton. These are not only nicer to wear but also better for the environment.

Our partners use green practices like using renewable energy and recycled stuff in making your items. And we only work with folks who take care of their workers and the earth.

We check everything from start to finish to make sure your items turn out just right, keeping your company's image looking good.

The Stitchi Difference

Choosing Stitchi means your custom items will be top quality every single time. High-quality stuff means your logo stays looking great, shows off your brand well, and tells everyone you think green.

This makes a positive impression on your team and anyone else who sees your branded items. Quality is key, and with Stitchi, your company gear will really make a lasting impact.

Designing for Different Clothes

Comparison of Clothes Types

Clothes Type What to Think About
T-Shirts - Light and comfy, good for everyday wear
- Comes in styles like crew neck, v-neck, and long sleeves
Sweatshirts - Keeps you warm with a soft inside
- Feels soft and cozy
Hats - Fits different head sizes because they adjust or stretch
- Your logo can go on the front or around the edge

When picking logos for different clothes, remember each type has its own special thing to consider.

Making Logos Fit

Here are some tips to make sure your logo looks good on anything:

Change the Size
Make your logo bigger or smaller so it fits right on different items. A hat might need a smaller logo than a sweatshirt does.

Move It Around
Put your logo where it makes the most sense for each item. For t-shirts, the middle of the chest is good, but for jackets, you might want it on the side or sleeve for people to see it better.

Keep It Simple
If your logo is really detailed, make it simpler for small items. Get rid of tiny details or small text that people can't see. Logos that are bold and simple work best for all sizes.

Try out different looks on mockups before you decide. This lets you see how the size, place, and look of your logo work on different clothes. With a little planning, your logo can stand out and be remembered no matter what it's on.


Incorporating Brand Consistency

Keeping your company's look the same across all your promotional stuff is key for making sure people recognize and trust your brand. Here's how to make sure everything from your company logo shirts to other items stays consistent:

Use Official Logos and Typography

  • Stick to the logos, words, and fonts that are officially yours.
  • Give the people making your items clear instructions and the right digital files.
  • Always check the proofs to make sure everything's used right before they start making the items.

Align with Core Messaging

  • Add your main messages or slogans that tell people what you stand for.
  • For instance, if your company cares about the environment, you might add "Sustainably Made" on all your items.

Coordinate Colors and Imagery

  • Use the same main and secondary colors that are part of your brand's look.
  • When you can, use the same pictures, icons, or designs on everything.

Balance Consistency and Creativity

  • It's good to keep things the same, but adding new stuff now and then keeps it interesting.
  • You might change up the colors or add special designs for different seasons.

Check Quality and Compliance

  • Look at samples and the finished products to make sure they're all good quality and look right.
  • If something's off, work with your partners to fix it so your brand looks its best.

By keeping an eye on your brand's look at every step, you make sure people always get what they expect when they see your logo. This helps them remember and think well of your company over time.

Leveraging Design Services

Stitchi's online design studio is super user-friendly, letting you easily create custom logo apparel that shows off your brand. Just upload your logo, and you can see how it looks on different products with our virtual mockup tool.

Benefits of the Online Design Studio

Using Stitchi's online design services comes with a bunch of pluses:

  • Ease of use - Our design platform is straightforward. Just upload your logo, and you can start customizing products without needing any design skills.
  • Expert design guidance - If you're stuck or need advice on logo designs, color choices, or where to place your logo, our team can chat with you for a quick 15-minute help session. We'll share tips that fit your brand and what you're trying to do.
  • Quality control - Before we make anything, our production team checks your design to make sure it will print well, the colors are right, and it matches your brand's look.
  • Convenience - You can design and order your custom logo apparel all online. We'll take care of making it and sending it out worldwide, so you can keep focusing on your work.

Professional Design Services

While our online tool lets anyone make custom gear, we also have professional design services for brands that want a really polished and unified look.

Our expert designers work with you on:

  • Making sure everything fits with your brand's strategy
  • Putting together a style guide
  • Designing graphics and figuring out how to treat them
  • Picking out a collection
  • Preparing artwork
  • Making sure everything's top quality

We handle everything from start to finish, giving you things like digital files, pictures, product samples, and more to help show off your brand.

Get Started with Your Custom Collection

Whether you use our easy online designer or get help from our pros, Stitchi makes it simple to create custom apparel that really speaks for your brand. Get started today and see how great logo merchandise can be.

Reviewing Customer Success Stories

Stitchi has helped lots of companies make company logo shirts and other items that really stand out. Here are a couple of stories about how these custom items have helped businesses.

Pet Hospital Logo Polos

Pet Hospital Logo Polos

A pet hospital decided to get green polo shirts with their logo on them for their staff. They used Stitchi's website to design these shirts.

The Result:

  • The staff looked more together and professional.
  • The shirts were friendly-looking and matched the hospital's caring vibe.
  • They saved money by ordering a bunch of shirts at once.

This helped the hospital's team look more united and made it easier for clients to spot staff members who could help them.

Tech Company T-Shirts

Tech Company T-Shirts

A growing tech company needed t-shirts for a tech conference. They designed shirts with a big logo on the back and a smaller one on the front using Stitchi.

The Outcomes:

  • Their brand got more attention at the event.
  • The cool design made people interested and started conversations.
  • Ordering online was easy, and they got the shirts quickly.

These t-shirts helped the company get noticed in a crowded event, and people really liked their booth because of the shirts.

Stitchi has helped many brands make custom logo apparel that helps with branding, brings teams together, and achieves business goals. With our help, your company can also make branded items that people will remember. Let's talk about creating custom items for your brand.


When it comes to making company logo shirts or other custom logo apparel, it's all about showing off what your company is about in a clear and consistent way. Start by really understanding what your company stands for, what you're aiming to do, and who you're trying to reach. This helps you create logo designs that truly represent your company.

Choosing the right colors, where to put the logo, how big it should be, and making sure the quality is top-notch are all important steps. Using Stitchi's online tool, you can try out different looks and get advice to make sure your designs really highlight your brand.

Stitchi also offers help for those who want a more detailed plan for their brand's look across different items. This includes help with creating a style guide, picking the right images, and making sure everything is of good quality.

In short, Stitchi makes it easy for companies to create custom apparel that makes their brand stand out. They help you from start to finish, ensuring your designs connect well with your audience. If you're interested in making your company's logo shirts more impactful, getting in touch with Stitchi is a great place to start.

How do companies print logos on shirts?

There are a few main ways to print logos on shirts. Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing is like using a printer, but for shirts. Screen printing uses screens and ink to put the design on. Dye sublimation changes ink into a gas to dye the fabric, and it works best on polyester. Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and plastisol transfers use heat to stick the logo onto the shirt. Each method has its own benefits, depending on what you need.

How do I put my business logo on a shirt?

To put your logo on a shirt, you can choose from a few methods:

  • Screen printing is good for simple designs and large orders.
  • Embroidery makes your logo look a bit more premium, especially on polos and hats.
  • Heat transfer vinyl is great for colorful, custom orders.
  • Direct to garment printing can handle detailed, colorful designs well.

First, make sure your logo is ready for printing, then pick a method based on how many shirts you need and your budget.

How much is it to make a shirt with a logo?

Making a shirt with your logo can cost between $10 and $25 per shirt. The price changes based on how you're printing the logo, the type of shirt, how many you're making, and if you want extra features. Bulk orders can bring the cost down, but smaller orders or more complex designs might cost more.

How do I get my design onto a shirt?

Here are some ways to get your design on a shirt:

  • Iron-on transfer: Print your design on special paper and iron it onto the shirt. Good for DIY projects.
  • Screen printing: Uses ink and screens to print your design. Best for lots of shirts.
  • Heat transfer vinyl (HTV): Cut your design from vinyl and press it onto the shirt. Nice for small batches.
  • Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing: Prints your design directly onto the shirt, great for detailed images.

The best method depends on how many shirts you need, your design, and your budget.

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